31st BeFe BABYFAIR - List of Exhibitors

제 31회 베페 베이비페어 참가기업을 소개합니다
Exhibitors Product Category Brand Booth No. Korea Brands
4moms Bouncers 4moms A-H106
ABCDerm Skincare products ABCDerm A-D225
AGA DDONG Baby colic prevent warmers, Bamboo maternity goods, Belly warmers, Baby socks AGA DDONG B-B160
AIRBLANC Sofas, Multi-mats AIRBLANC B-A260
AIRVITA Small air cleaners, Multi-sterilizers AIRVITA B-A104
AMAZONAS Baby hammocks, Hanging chairs, Beds, Slings AMAZONAS A-H150
ARAM Educational products ARAM B-B270
Allermanbaby Bedding, Clothing, Bumper beds Allermanbaby B-C210
Alzipmat Play mats Alzipmat A-D150
Ambitoys Toys, Educational products Ambitoys, GALT toy A-H156
Applebee Educational books Applebee A-G220
BAJO Wooden toys BAJO A-H154
BOSOMI Diapers, Wet wipes BOSOMI B-C200
BRAUN Thermometers BRAUN B-A242
BREVI Strollers, High chairs BREVI A-E125
Babeapapa Straw-cups, Feeding sets, Baby detergent, Bedding, Hip seats, Wet wipes, Toothpastes Ruco Organic, b.box, Redroot, Elbini, Bellababy, blessu, puzi, SUNSUDAMDA, CAGA, Nel Fiore A-E150
Babience Milk powder, Baby food, Snacks, Skincare products, Cleansers, Gauze pads Babience, BOSCP A-E145
Baby pastel Photo albums, Frames baby pastel A-D120
BabyBjorn Carriers, Bouncers, Bath sets, Feeding products Babybjörn B-C235
Babybanz Socks, Swimwear, Hats, Sunglasses, Ski supplies, Umbrellas, Raincoats, Bags Babybanz B-A246
Bamboobebe Bamboo cloth diapers, Waterproof mats, Gauze hankies, Bath towels, Bibs, Panty liners Bamboobebe B-B220
BeBeOne Baby underwear, Clothing, Diapers, Hankies BeBeOne B-A232
BeBecook Baby food, Health functional food BeBecook A-E220
Blessing for you Diaper bags, Cooler bags, Baby bags, Stroller bags, Pouches, Diaper pads, Dolls Blessing for you B-A262
Bloommaternity Maternity underwear, Swimwear Bloommaternity A-G250
Blue Rabbit Publishing Educational products, Books Blue Rabbit A-D140
Boryung biopharma Storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells brcellbank A-E240
Boryung medience Car seats, Baby food makers, Snacks, Skincare products, Toys, Clothing, Bedding Dr.ato, B&B, ONO2, BEABA, Yookidoo, KOTT, nomi, I.Mom, Tartine et Chocolat, MUAA A-F160/E250
CJ BYO Probiotics Probiotic lactobacillus CJ BYO Probiotics B-A234
CLOZ Furniture CLOZ B-S100
COSATTO High chairs, Bathtubs, Diaper containers COSATTO A-H122
COZY STORY Play houses, Bed houses COZY STORY A-H200
CYBEX Strollers, Car seats, Feeding sets CYBEX, donebydeer A-F230/F240
Canon Korea Consumer Imaging Cameras, Photo printers Canon Korea Consumer Imaging B-C220
Centifolia Sckincare products, Baby detergent, Natural sponges, Toys Centifolia, Wave Runner, Cypreos, Body Nature A-E120
Chic4Baby WEGO wagon Wagons Chic4Baby WEGO wagon A-D235
Co-Block Toys, Ride-ons Co-Block, Corecar B-A205
Collegien Baby shoes, Socks Collegien A-H132
Combi Korea Strollers, Car seats, Beds, Feeding sets Combi A-E200
Concord Korea Strollers, Car seats CONCORD A-E115
Cubynmom Nursing/Maternity/Skincare products Cubynmom, Organicisland A-D100
Designskin Mats, Sofas Designskin A-E100
Dibambi Carriers, Strollers, Skincare products, Baby swaddles, Furniture, Nursing supplies Ergobaby, Yamatoya, Baby Muffin, Swaddledesigns, Blanc101, Pot de miel, Splendie, Icecream fairy B-C240
Disneybaby Clothing, Bedding, Skincare products Disneybaby B-B100
Dong Bu Insurance Fetal/Education/Child insurance Dong Bu Insurance A-F110
DoubleHeart Nursing supplies, Feeding sets, Baby detergent, Skincare products DoubleHeart A-G200
English Egg Educational products English Egg A-G230
Foogo Feeding products Foogo B-A210
ForB Carriers, Diaper bags, Kids bags, Accessories ForB B-C140
Froebel Educational products Froebel B-C100
GUBI High chairs GUBI A-H142
Gaksimil Breast pumps, Breast milk storage kits Gaksimil B-A222
Grosmimi Baby bottles, Straw-cups Grosmimi B-A215
HANZ Plush dolls, DIY goods HANZ A-H126
HUBDIC Thermometers, Thermo-hygrometers, Nasal aspirators Thermofinder A-H124
Haenim Baby bottle sterilizers, Breast pumps, Strollers, Hip seats Haenim, eLsoL A-H212
Hajour Car magnetic sunshades, Diaper bags, Hot & cool pouches, Clothing, Accessories, Toys Hajour B-A118
Hanil Humidifiers, Baby bottle sterilizers, Laundry steam pots, Baby food makers (blenders), Electric tea pots, Nebulizers Hanil B-A108
Hizoo Rocking animal,, Sofas, Wall hangings, Pencil holders, Utility boxes Hizoo A-H218
Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Fetal/Child insurance Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance B-B120
I TONGKOK Maternity education programs (about babysitters, postnatal care centers & postpartum caretakers) I TONGKOK B-A244
I-JOA FAIRY Bumper beds, Bedding, Mats I-JOA FAIRY, aginuri A-F100
INTECH United Baby slings, Toys Tonga, Learning Journey B-A224
Inglesina Strollers, High chairs Inglesina B-C270/S200
JETTE/egg Strollers JETTE, egg A-F260
JOOLZ/OXO TOT Strollers, Feeding products, Carriers, Toys JOOLZ, OXO TOT, MANDUCA, TAF Toys A-D230
JW TNI Feeding sets, Diaper containers, Water bottles, Double strollers Boon, JJcole, Stroll Air, Kid Basix, Kalencom, Little toader A-D220
KARCHER Vacuum cleaners KARCHER B-C265
KIDU Seatbelt-dolls Hugdoll, CheekyChompers B-A256
KIRBY Vacuum cleaners KIRBY A-H100
KLORANE Sckincare/Haircare products KLORANE, KLORANE Bebe A-H102
KOREA EUNDAN Vitamins, Lactic acid bacteria KOREA EUNDAN B-B165
Kibos Strollers, Carriers, Toys, Ride-ons, Bedding, Safty accessories, Potty chairs I Candy, Think King, V Tech, Gro A-G150
Kiddy Korea Strollers, Car seats Kiddy B-B170
Lillou&Co. Blankets, Nursing pillows/cushions, Bedding, Rag dolls Lillou&Co. B-A266
Little Forest Rocking animal, Bedding Little Forest A-H204
Little Scandi Bath towels, Bath robes Little Scandi B-A220
Lounge P Lounge P Lounge P 코엑스몰 지하2층 뽀로로 라운지P
MEDIPOST Storages of umblilical cord blood cell, Health functional food, Cosmetics Celltree, Celltree Movita, Cellpium B-B210
MOTHER-K Antibacterial baby zipperbags, Milk powder storage kits, Baby bottles, Straw-cups, Hygienic goods (Baby detergent, Wash bags, Wet wipes) MOTHER-K B-B110
MULA Waterproof blankets, Bedding MULA B-A230
Macjin Lactation Club Breast pumps, Nursing supplies Medela A-H140
Magic Castle Toys, Dolls, Plush toys Eric Carle, Kids, Gund, Folkmanis A-G240
Mamachi Silicon baby bottles, Skincare products Mamachi B-A264
Mamas&Papas Strollers, Baby chairs Mamas&Papas, Mountain buggy B-C215
Mamiz Maternity underwear, Belts Mamiz A-H114
Materpia post-natal care Postnatal care services Materpia post-natal care A-H134
Mejornöje Play mats Mejornöje B-B105
Merries Diapers merries A-F200
Micralite Strollers, Bedding Micralite, Landscape Allerean B-B260
Mother's Corn Feeding products Mother's Corn B-A236
Moulin Roty Clothing, Bedding, Dolls, Ride-ons, Furniture, Interior decorations Moulin Roty B-C165
My Only Baby jewelry, Lost child prevention accessories My Only B-A100
Naebro Eco-friendly snacks, Fruit chips, Organic food Naebro Pureeat B-A254
Neonato Strollers, Car seats Neonato, CAM A-F210
Nestle Gerber Baby food Gerber B-C120
Nino/Comfi Baby pillows, Mats, Blankets, Towels, Beanies Nino pillow, Comfi, Rufus rabbit B-B265
Noseclean Thermometers, Nasal aspirators, Baby teethers Pamibaby, Noseclean-up, Noseclean-I, Noseclean-All B-A252
Olbas Aromatherapy oils Olbas B-A112
PETITLAPIN/Petitbabee/Petitbird Bumper beds, Bedding, Clothing, Fabric goods, Dolls PETITLAPIN, Petitbabee, Petitbird B-B140
PHILIPS AVENT Nursing supplies, Electric toothbrushes, Infrared therapy devices PHILIPS AVENT A-G140
PLAFARM Bathtubs, Household products PLAFARM A-H144
PLAGENTRA Skincare products PLAGENTRA B-B205
POGNAE Hip seats, Baby carriers POGNAE B-B130
PREBEBE[FEDORA] Strollers, Car seats, Carriers, Hip seats, High chairs FEDORA A-D130
PURITY Baby bottle sterilizers PURITY B-A116
Pasteur Milk powder, Milk, Soymilk, Fermented milk, Baby formula withmom A-D200
Peg Perego Strollers, Car seats, High chairs Peg Perego A-F120
Petite Maison House bumper beds, Play houses, Bedding, Bags, Interior decorations Petite maison, Candy Light, Dreebe, Bebe ella B-C230
Piknikki Clothing Piknikki, Dalpong A-D215
Pluto9 Interior decorations, Blankets Pluto9 A-H112
RECARO Strollers, Car seats RECARO A-E230
RYAN/Nuna/Joie Strollers, Car seats, Bouncers, Beds, High chairs RYAN, Nuna, Joie B-C170
Renewallife Eco-friendly rice snacks, Organic teas, Fermented soybean chocolate DDoDDoMAMMA B-A110
Richell Feeding sets, Nursing supplies, Hygienic goods, Baby teethers, Safety accessories Richell A-H110
SAFIAN Strollers, Car seats Britax, Hauck Twister, Orbitbaby, Easywalker, MINI buggy A-D260
SEUUM C&T Umbilical cord stamps, Baby birth the brushes, Hands and feet molding, Souvenirs Seuum A-H152
SK magic Water Purifier, Air cleaners, Bidet, Electric range SK magic B-B200
SOONSUNG Car seats, Diaper bags SOONSUNG, Beplady A-G160
STEPCARE Baby shoes UMI, Bogs, Tip Toey Joey B-A102
Scandimom Korea Bedding, Swaddling suits, 3D cushions Scandimom B-A226
Siver Cross Strollers, Car seats Siver Cross A-G130
Soabe Play (Indian) tents, Fabric ball pits, Play robes Soabe B-A240
Swimava Baby rings (neck tubes), Baby pool series Swimava A-H116
Thinkeco Bedding, Clothing, Maternity underwear, Dolls Thinkeco B-A106
Trousselier France Plush dolls, Interior decorations Trousselier France A-H216
UNIMOM Breast pumps UNIMOM A-H120
UPIS Nursing supplies UPIS A-E250
UTERUS Body pillows, Bedding UTERUS B-A200
UZINMEDICARE Breast pumps, Baby bottles, Nursing supplies Spectra A-H136
VIVIENDA Bumper beds, Bedding, Blankets vivienda A-F130
Withorganic/A.Plum Organic clothing, Waterproof bibs Withorganic, A.Plum A-H208
YangSohn Toys TOLO, alilo, Squigz B-A121
aian Baby bottle sterilizers aian A-H130
babyu Photo albums, Studios BABYU A-F220
boom Studio Baby photo studio boom Studio B-C160
effii/elly la Fripouille Bedding, Nursing supplies, Swimwear, Infant sunglasses effii, elly la Fripouille A-H104
elim Korea Bedding, Carpets elim Korea A-G255
i-angel Hip-seat carriers i-angel B-C260
ichanllenge Educational products ichanllenge B-C150
ivenet Goat milk powder, Snacks, Yogurts ivenet B-B230
mom & twins Sckincare products mom & twins A-E140
momsday Maternity underwear, Clothing, Belts momsday, Mother is B-A114
mooroo Diapers, Bedding, Clothing, Towels mooroo A-G245
mothersbaby/Angelb Nursing cushions, Maternity products, Clothing, Baby carriers mothersbaby, Angelb., Koeka, Perfect potion B-B240
upang Baby bottle sterilizers upang B-A250

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