35th BeFe BABYFAIR - List of Exhibitors

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Exhibitors Product Category Brand Hall - Booth No. Korea Brands
360perspective Skin care products Mongdies B-B130
ABC Derm Skincare products ABC Derm A-E125
AGA DDONG Baby colic prevent warmers, Bamboo maternity goods, Belly warmers, Baby socks AGA DDONG B-C160
AIRVITA Small air cleaners, Multi-sterilizers AIRVITA B-A206
AK Baby wagons, Strollers, Kids cars, Tricycles ZOKO A-G140
ALLBARUN COMPANY Detergents, Fabric softner, Kitchen detergents, Deodorizers, Living products BUTLER B-A266
ALVINS Baby foods, Snacks, Probiotics, Beverages ALVINS B-C165
ALZIP Play mats, Baby Sofa Alzip mat A-F260
AMBIENT LOUNGE Baby towels, Kids bean bags ambient lounge, terry palmer A-G150
ANEX Strollers, Car seats ANEX A-E245
ARAM Educational Products ARAM A-G230
ARIBEBE Bedding, Maternity pillows ARIBEBE B-A240
AROMA TRADE Home fragrance, Diffuser, Interior products MAISON BERGER A-H136
All for Home Kids bedding products All for Home B-B154
AllergyCut Allergy Blocker AllergyCut B-A216
Aprica/Baby Jogger Car seats, Strollers Aprica A-E255
BABEPAPA Straw-cups, Feeding sets, Bedding, Hip seats, Wet wipes, toothpaste B.BOX B-C200
BABY BJORN Baby carriers, Bouncers, Feeding products, Bath Products BABY BJORN B-C230
BABYZEN Strollers, Stroller's accessory, Car seats BABYZEN, DOONA A-F140
BIFIDO Probiotic lactobacillus, Health functional food ZIGUNUK BIFIDUS A-E205
BOBSNU Soymilk(Yakkong) YAK KONG Soymilk A-H124
BORYUNG biopharma Storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells brcellbank A-E260
BRAUN Thermometers, Feeding sets, Bags BRAUN, 7AM, Silikids B-A212
Babiz Korea Maternity goods(underwear, nursing cushion/bra), baby clothing, baby carriers Mother's Baby, Angel B. B-C150
Bambo Nature Disposable Diapers, Wet wipes Bambo Nature A-H200
Bamboo-bebe Bamboo cloth diapers, Waterproof play mats, Gauze hankies, Bath towels, Bibs, Panty liners Bamboo-bebe B-C140
BeBeCook Baby food, Health functional food BeBeCook A-F210
Bebest Baby food, Barley tea, Snacks Bebest B-A222
BexPharm Korea Skincare products, Probiotics Lactybalance, Naobay B-B110
BioGaia Probiotic lactobacillus BioGaia B-A220
Bloommaternity Maternity underwear, Swimwear, Yoga outfit Bloommaternity B-A232
Blue Rabbit Educational products, Books Blue Rabbit A-D140
Bom grida Baby/kids clothes, Accessories(hair pins, socks, scarf, bonnet) Bom grida B-B162
C2M New Baby cars, Tricycles, Rocking horses, Kick boards, Baby room Able, IQOO A-F115
CH Harmony Organic skincare(Baby, Base lines) CHOBS B-A204
COZY STORY Play houses, Bed houses COZY STORY A-H142
CREAM HAUS Play mats, Bumper beds CREAM HAUS B-B260
CUCHEN Baby bottle sterilizers, Automatic water port, Rice cooker, Electric range, Humidifier CUCHEN A-D220
CUCKOO Rice cooker, Water Purifier, Air Purifier, Electronic range, Clothes driers CUCKOO A-D230
CUTCO Korea ltd. Kitchen supplies CUTCO B-B152
Co-block Toys Co-block B-B205
Comma, C Beddings, Sleeping pads, Blankets, Pillow covers Comma, C A-H120
Cybex Strollers, Car seats cybex A-F240
DAEWON PHARM Probiotic lactobacillus Jang Daewon Probiotics A-E140
DAIICHI Car seats, Baby carriers DAIICHI A-E150
DUCLE Strollers, Car seats SOONSUNG, DUCLE B-C250
Dawon Company Birth and baby products merebe premium B-A114
Disney's World of English Educational Products Disney's World of English A-F125
DoubleHeart Nursuring products, Feeding sets, Maternity products, Detergents, Wet wipes, Strollers DoubleHeart A-G200
Dyson Korea Air purifiers, Vacuum cleaners Dyson Korea B-C170
EBTL NETWORK Jaguar, Landrover Jaguar Land Rover Korea A-E160
English EGG Educational products ENGLISH EGG A-G120
FIARD Fever treatment compression bands FIARD B-A246
FINDEN Educational Products FINDEN A-G100
FROEBEL Educational products FROEBEL B-C120
Fedora Strollers, Car seats Fedora B-C235
Fever Coach NFC electronic Thermometer Fever Coach B-B132
Foodcare Baby formula/foods Foodcare eusik B-A120
Foogo Feeding products Foogo A-D225
Funbiz Fabric Diapers, Underwares, Waterproof blankets, Clothes Babyan A-G145
GBH Baby clothes, Lotions, Soaps Smafolk, Duns Sweden, More than a Fling, GBH B-S100
GGUMBI Bumper beds, Play mats, Folder mats, Bedding GGUMBI, LICOCO, MIMIRU A-E200
GREATBOOKS Amazing nature book series, Book sets Brain tok tok A-D120
Gam Seong studio Baby Studio Gam Seong studio B-B250
Green Cross LabCell Cord blood bank Green Cross LabCell B-B235
Grosmimi Baby bottles, Straw-cups Grosmimi A-G240
Gyeongbuk Farm Fruit juice, Fruit chips Gyeongbuk Farm B-A244
HARMAS DE MINIAI BEBE Baby carriers, Skincare products, Dolls, Disposable products HARMAS DE MINIAI BEBE, ALEVA A-D250
HUGPAPA Baby carriers HUGPAPA A-H116
HUROM Hurom juice extractor HUROM A-G155
Haenim Baby bottle sterilizers, Breast pumps, Strollers, Hip seats, Nursing lamp eLsoL, Haenim B-B200
Howhome/zaryn Noise protective mats Howhome, zaryn B-S200
HuBDIC Thermometers, Thermo-hygrometers, Nasal aspirators HuBDIC A-H122
Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Fetal/Child insurance Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance B-B120
I-JOA FAIRY Bumper beds, Bedding, Play mats JOATTE A-F200
IN THE FOREST Phytoncide Theraphy, Sprays, Soothing gels, Baby lotions, Toothpastes, Soaps, Hair products, Diffusers IN THE FOREST B-A100
IONSPA Shower heads IONSPA B-B144
ITONGKOK Maternity education programs (about babysitters, postnatal care centers & postpartum caretakers) ITONGKOK B-A250
Inglesina/SEEC Strollers, High chairs, Car seats Inglesina, SEEC A-E100
JAM & JOY Breast pumps, Nursing supplies HAAKAA, PHEON B-A256
JD HOMEDRESSING Wooden calender, Baby gym JD HOMEDRESSING B-B155
JETTE Strollers JETTE A-F130
Jeudart Baby mats Jeu d'art A-H217
Jordan Korea Toothbrushes, Toothpastes, Oral care products Jordan B-B112
KIDDUMS Organic baby skincare products, Bug repellents KIDDUMS B-A214
Kangaruru Fall prevention bumper cusions, Seat belt cushion, 3D air mash blanket sets Kangaruru B-A202
Kinder shop Feeding sets, Bibs everyday baby, Potette A-H102
Konny Baby Carrier Carriers Konny Baby Carrier A-H110
Korea New Tech AS-Kids Kids shower heads AS-Kids B-A230
LE-BEBE Baby blankets, Waterproof blankets, Nursing cushion, Pads, Handkerchiefs LE-BEBE B-A224
LUSOL/PLAGENTRA Baby food, Mother’s Belly Stretch Mark Cream, Baby's skincare products, Atopic skin cream LUSOL, PLAGENTRA A-D100
La Maisonde C Baby goods(diaper bags, Pouches) La Maison de C B-B163
MEDIPOST Storages of umblilical cord blood cell CELLTREE B-C210
MERITZ Infants/baby insurance Meritz A-F110
MICRALITE/Landscape allelean Strollers, Accessories, Beddings MICRALITE, Landscape allelean A-E135
MIMA Strollers, High chairs MIMA A-F230
MOMMYSPOT Casting tablewares MOMMYSPOT B-B150
MOMSMOM Car seats, Baby food makers, Snacks, Skincare products, Toys, Clothing, Bedding nomi, ONO2, Tartuie et Chocolat A-D110
MOTHER K Antibacterial baby zipperbags, Milk powder storage kits, Baby bottles, Straw-cups, Hygienic goods (Baby detergent, Wash bags, Wet wipes) MOTHER K B-C110
MadeByMom LIKU edu mats, design mats LIKU B-A210
Mamachi Silicon baby bottles, Skincare products Mamachi B-A264
Mamanblanc Baby beddings, Birth products Mamanblanc B-B164
Molkiict.com Baby rash guard, Swinwears, Hats, Aqua shoes Ally Billy A-H134
Mom's Day Maternity underwear, Clothes, Clothing, Belts Mom's Day, Mother is A-G225
Mothernbaby Postnatal care centers & postpartum caretakers Mothernbaby B-A260
Murmur Korea Baby bathing bed, Sponges, Skincare products murmur A-H150
NAEBRO Eco-friendly snacks, Fruit chips, Organic food, Barley tea Pure-eat B-B136
NEOPHARM Skin care products atopharm A-H114
NH Infants/baby insurance NH A-D130
NINEWARE Dishes, Forks, Draining boards, Scoops nineware A-H104
Naty Korea Eco-friendly diapers, Sanitary pads Naty A-D235
Nestle Gerber Baby foods Gerber A-F220
Nestle Illuma Baby milk, Dry milk illuma3 B-B140
Nutricia ELN Dry milk, Baby foods, Maternity Class, Education programs Nutricia ELN A-G160
OFMOM/EGG Liquid Formula milk, Strollers OFMOM, EGG A-D260
PLAFARM Bathtubs, Household products PLAFARM A-H144
POGNAE Hip seats, Baby carriers POGNAE B-C245
PRIMETECH Ultraviolet sterilizer Vray A-H156
PUTTIATTI Silicon baby bottles, Straw cups, Spout cups, Teething tots, Feeding tools, Brushes PUTTIATTI B-B230
Pampers Diapers Pampers B-B105
Pasteur Dry milk, Baby foods, Probiotics Withmom B-B100
Peg-perego Strollers, Car seats, High chairs, Baby booster Peg-perego A-E250
Petit Lapin, Petit Babee, Petit Bird Bumper beds, Bedding, Clothing, Fabric goods, Dolls Petit Lapin, Petit Babee, Petit Bird B-B210
Petite Belle Baby dresses, Clothing and accessories, Baby shoes Petite Belle B-B165
Poled Baby carseats Poled A-D240
Prahaus Maternity underwears, Maternity supplies Prahaus B-A252
RECARO Strollers, Car seats RECARO A-E240
RENEWALLIFE Eco-friendly Rich chips, Rooibos tea, Chocolate cheonggukjang DODOMAM B-B114
RYAN/Joie/nuna Strollers, Car seats, Bouncer, Baby beds, High chairs RYAN, Joie, nuna A-F160
SAFIAN Strollers, Car seats britax, orbit, Harvey, MINI buggy A-D200
SCANDIMOM KOREA Bedding, Baby swaddles, 3D cushions SCANDIMOM Swaddle Suit A-H112
SJ U&I Clothes, Underwares Boody B-B116
SK Magic Water Purifier, Air cleaners, Bidet, Electric range SK Magic B-C100
SKY ENTERPRISE KOREA Stroller, Car seats THULE, SwanDoo B-C265
SOJUNGHAN SIGSA Convenience food(side dishes), Sauces(soy sause, tsuyu) SOJUNGHAN SIGSA B-B151
SOOSAN CMC Sterilizers, Bodywash, Handwash Purebble B-B142
SPECTRA Breast pumps, Baby bottle sterilizers, Baby bottles, Nursing supplies SPECTRA A-H203
STOLLEEN Baby beds, Attachment Dolls, Leander baby beds, Furniture Leander, STOLLEEN A-H106
Silver Cross Strollers, Car seats Silver Cross A-E120
Softlife Lounge wear Softlife A-H146
Soopsori Wooden Beds/furnitures/toys Soopsori A-H214
Stasher/modern-twist Bibs, Placemat, Sandwich Bag Stasher, modern-twist A-H140
Stokke Korea Strollers, High chairs, Furniture Stokke B-B220
Suim International Air Purify Vacuum, Homecare Vivenso B-A226
Swavinex Baby bottles, Soother, Feeding sets, Blankets, Hairpin, Baby teethers, Dolls, Diapers Swavinex, Sugarbooger, Kit & Kin, Cheeky Chompers, Maylily B-C220
TREVI Hemp towels, clothes, beddings have a hemp A-H209
The Hi Organic rice chips, sticks, Frozen-dried fruits(yogurt, chips, cheese), Organic Cereals Bebedang B-A110
VERYISLAND Baby beddings, Birth supplies VERYISLAND B-B161
Wegowagon Pronto Wagons, Wego Wagons wegowagon, prontowagon A-F120
Winnie Connie Inflatable baby supplies, Inflatable toys NAI-B B-A242
Withorganic/Aplum Organic baby clothing, Waterproof bib Withorganic, Aplum A-H207
Woongjin Bookclub Educational Products Woongjin Bookclub B-B240
aggiebadang Blankets, Baby bags, Sleeping vest, Birth materials, 3D masks, Indoor wears aggiebadang A-G210
babypastel Photo albums, Frames babypastel A-F100
bleesingforyou Diaper bags, Pouches, Baby sunglasses blessingforyou B-A262
bluemama Ceramic&Silicon Cookers, Feeding sets bluemama A-H152
bombommat Noise protective mats, TPU/PU mats bombommat A-E215
bonitabebe Bedding, Bumper beds bonitabebe A-G250
cottnihome Character pillows, Nap blankets, Organic attachment dolls, Bumper beds, Blankets, Pads, Beddings cottnihome A-G215
doble Baby feeding sets, Cutting boards doble A-H100
gb Strollers, Car seats gb A-E130
good for us Baby hat, Clothes, Birth materials good for us B-B156
hamyangsanchon Grain syrups, Sauses chaeyeonga B-B157
hibabyclub Baby socks, Tights hibabyclub B-A103
hoarang Natural lacquerd wooden tableware, Kitchen products 57chae A-H132
i-angel Hip-seat carriers i-angel B-C260
i-challenge Educational products i-challenge A-G130
iannamu Hip seats My Littley B-A200
jellymom Baby chairs, High chairs jellymom, Le Berceau A-H154
jessica mood Maternity clothes, Underwears, Clothing jessica mood B-B166
lacfido Probiotics, Vitamin D, Multi-vitamin, Nutritional supplements lacfido B-C115
mamaforest Baby dish washing detergents, Baby bottle detergents mamaforest B-B153
minkelepang Beddings, Clothes, Dolls minkelepang B-A234
monee Milk clips, Caps, Kids food trays, Bowls, Bottles, Gowns MONEE B-A254
mooroo Diapers, Bedding, Organic clothing, Towels, Bamboo product, Waterproof blanket Mooroo A-G245
moulinroty Clothing, Bedding, Dolls, Ride-ons, Furniture, Interior decorations moulinroty B-C240
mymy Baby & kids socks My Socks A-H126
naaamyuuu Baby supplements, Skin cares naaamyuuu B-A117
ripple Baby materials, Bath supplies, Baby snacks Rippleandhoho, lesain B-B134
surrcloset Baby clothes, Kids clothes surrcloset B-B167
swimava Baby swimming product(neck tubes), Baby pool swimava A-H130
think ECO Baby clothing, Nursing supplies, Dolls think ECO B-A108
upang Baby bottle sterilizers upang A-H211

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